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Last modified: February 23, 2017 14:34:49.

The Scholarships Office in the VPAA office is responsible for:

  1. Administering scholarship programs and supporting Qatari national students at both the Master and Doctorate level in the best higher education institutions in the world. [ For other scholarships, click here . ]

  2. Following up on scholarship recipients' financial and administrative affairs plus monitoring their academic progress by communicating with their respective universities and with students themselves via e-mails, phone calls and letters. 

  3. Establishing relationships with the overseas colleges and universities to facilitate initial choice and ongoing relationships to advance the progress and welfare of the scholarship recipient.  

  4. Maintaining good relations with colleges and universities abroad, on academic matters and on Scholar matters:

  5. Help in building strategic long-term partnerships with universities, diplomatic missions, business, schools and industry associations that are crucial to QU’s mission;

  6. Following-up on existing and new MoUs and partnerships agreement implementation;

  7. Providing support to the President, VPAA and Colleges in incoming and outgoing visits;

  8. Proactively working with Colleges to identify potential partners and develop collaborations with other higher education institutions, schools and industry that lead to sponsored projects, commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities;

  9. Building an alliance of local, state and national support for QU’s partnerships policy

For queries related to Graduate Studies Scholarships for Qatari Nationals please contact: quscholarships@qu.edu.qa