QU Smart Zones
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:54.

are the wireless network at Qatar University. QUsmartzones allow students, faculty, and staff to connect to the internet across campus wirelessly.

Information Technology Services has successfully deployed the largest wireless network on any campus in Qatar in terms of coverage area and the number of access points.

      At present wireless access to the Internet is available in all of the buildings at Qatar University. The wireless network is made up of 900 wireless access points spread across the following locations:

  • Men's Activities Building
  • Women's Activities Building
  • New Engineering Building
  • Women's Library & Exhibition Hall
  • Information Technology Services
  • Administration Building
  • Women's Admissions & Registration
  • Old Administration Building
  • Business & Economics College
  • ESC Building
  • Islamic Research Center
  • Information Technology Services
  • Men's Foundation / Research Building
  • Medical Clinic
  • Male/Female Hostels
  • Men's College
  • Al-Bidaa Building & Preschool
  • Science College
  • Engineering College
  • Engineering Workshop
  • Women's College
  • Food Court
  • Women's Gymnasium
  • Tennis Courts
  • Women's Ideal Home
  • University Stadium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Solar Energy Lab
  • Islamic Research Center
  • Women's Waiting Room / Parking Area

To obtain details on how to connect to the QU SmartZone service, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at helpdesk@qu.edu.qa.