QU Connect
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:54.


Not connected while off campus?
Access Number: +974 4485 7900


      QUconnect provides dial-up access to the Qatar University network from an offsite computer. Dial-up service can be used if your needs are minimal, and you don’t need access to applications that require high bandwidth. QUconnect will allow you to do things like check email, run telnet sessions, remote-control session, and access most simple web sites. The service provides Telnet and PPP (the latter being the usual choice). These services will operate at any modem speed up to 56kbs with suitable analogue modems. QU Connect functions with the help of ninety 56kbs modems, all housed and supported by ITS, thereby providing for the highest levels of availability for its users.

The University makes no charge for using these services but you might have to pay any telephone call charges depending on what service you are using to make the call.

Getting Help

  • To obtain details on how to use QU Connect, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at helpdesk@qu.edu.qa