Software Installation & Upgrades
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Last modified: May 12, 2016 09:43:03.

ITS manages the software library already licensed for Qatar University.  This includes license contracts, upgrades, instruction for installations and security requirements if any.

ITS keeps up-to-date a compatibility list and hardware/OS requirements for the software used at QU.ITS also manages and maintains the Computer labs and their PC’s configurations and upgrades.


Software Installation is available for QU employees on the computer issued by QU.  Installation of QU owned software on personal computers is not possible.

 How to Get Help:

        If you require a software (s) to be installed on your computer,  please send an email request to IT Helpdesk,  Please provide us with:

  •     Software name, maker, provider (local, abroad or on-line) with release version.

  •     Location of the computer on Campus.

  •     Reasons and justifications for requesting the software (s).


       Installation of applications is dependent on the availability of the software at QU and availability of required license quantity.

One of available license: think-cell.