Desktop Support Computer Setup
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Last modified: May 12, 2016 09:45:12.

All new and existing computer configurations and setup are handled by ITS.All PC’s are setup and configured with basic image that include University-wide software essential for daily use (e.g., MS Office, Antivirus, file compression tools, etc.)PC’s in Colleges/Departments are also configured with additional properly-licensed software as required and as requested.

PC’s are customized/optimized for the hardware devices they will be connected to (e.g., Scanners, DVD Writers, Cameras, Card Readers, etc.)


 If you require a special software in addition to the ones that we provide with the basic image,  we highly recommend to list them along with your request so that we prepare the PC in the most efficient way possible (this is provided that licenses for the requested software are already in place).

 How to Get Help:

      If you need to order new computer or upgrade your current computer, please send an email request to the IT Helpdesk.  Please provide us with:

  •  Your current computers model number

  •   Reasons and justifications for requesting new Computer

  •   Approval from the Financial Controller cc’ing the Dean/Director/Dept Head

  •   Required custody information (Name, Job ID, Location, etc.)