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Last modified: January 26, 2016 13:57:56.


Not connected while off campus?
Access Number: +974 4485 7900
     QUconnect provides dial-up access to the Qatar University network from an offsite computer. Dial-up service can be used if your needs are minimal, and you don’t need access to applications that require high bandwidth. QUconnect will allow you to do things like check email, run telnet sessions, remote-control session, and access most simple web sites. more..

      QUnet is the Qatar University corporate network maintained entirely by Information Technology Services. Supported by a stellar staff of network engineers, a multi-gigabit backbone and ultra high-speed internet access, QUnet provides thousands of laptops, desktops and computer labs across campus with interconnectivity and network services.
The QUnet infrastructure is currently made up of the following components:
  • 10Gbps x 4 = 40Gbps Accumulated Backbone
  • 1Gbps Uplink to Access Switches
  • 10/100 Mbps to User Desktop
  • 14 Backbone Switches
  • 170 Access/Edge Switches
  • 907 km of Copper cable
  • 27.7 km of Optic Fiber cable



      QUsmartzones are the wireless network at Qatar University. QUsmartzones allow students, faculty, and staff to connect to the internet across campus wirelessly.
Information Technology Services has successfully deployed the largest wireless network on any campus in Qatar in terms of coverage area and the number of access points.



       IT Services is currently working to provide Qatar University employees the ability to access their campus network from anywhere in the world via QUanywhere, our upcoming Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. QUanywhere will permit a computer which is not located on the campus network to become virtually connected to the campus network for a session of work.
The VPN client establishes a secure encrypted tunnel between the computer and the VPN server on the campus network; once established, this means that the computer is effectively virtually connected to the campus network, and is hence able to access most services ordinarily not available from the offsite. Although communications are conducted over the public Internet via the Internet connection provider, data passing over the tunnel is encrypted and hence secure from interception.
Procedures and requirements to use this service will be available once officially launched by ITS.
Domain Name Services

     The Domain Name System (DNS) is an integral part of the TCP/IP network services. It provides services to convert domain names (e.g., into the corresponding IP addresses which are required by applications running on hosts to connect to services running on other systems. It also provides other information for operational purposes.

QU Guest Wireless Access
      QU Guest Wireless allows campus guests quick and easy access to the Internet. Guests simply choose QU Guest Wireless SSID, open a web browser, agree to Terms and Conditions of Use, and are immediately able to browse the Internet. Guest wireless is a free service intended for use by visitors requiring short-term access to the wireless network to perform general Internet activities. It is an unsecured connection and should not be used to send or receive sensitive information.
Members of the Qatar University community who hold a QUID should not use guest wireless.
At present wireless access to the Internet is available in all of the buildings at Qatar University. The wireless network is made up of 900 wireless access points spread across the entire campus.