QU Print
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Last modified: January 26, 2016 13:57:18.


 QUPrint enables the QU Community to use any and/or designated Xerox MFD’s on Campus to print, copy and scan-to-email using their QU ID Cards or QU Credentials. With this printing system, users can:

  • Copy, Print and Scan-to-email from any Xerox machine located throughout the Campus
  • Only use the machine after swiping QU ID card or entering his/her QU credentials (QU username and password)
This service is based on “Follow-You”(Your Print Job will Follow You) methodology, which means users can conveniently print/copy/scan from any Xerox MFD with highly secure and flexible operation regardless of their locations and time of print. The printouts will never be physically available until the user swipes his/her QU ID Card or enter the correct credentials, hence, highly secured and preserves confidentiality. All unclaimed jobs are purged permanently from the queue after they reached a preset threshold (24Hrs).
In near future we will be enriching this service with new features like Mobile Printing and Email Printing (Submitting Print jobs Via Email without installing any Printer driver)