Welcome to Internal Audit Department
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:37:50.

Auditing at Qatar University can be identified as internal or external auditing depending on the affiliation of the auditor(s).  QU employees in the Internal Audit Department perform internal audits. In general, the function of the Internal Audit Department is to assist the management of every department at Qatar University in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by furnishing them with analysis, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities that they review.

Non-QU employees perform external audits. The University's external auditors, Deloitte, perform the University's annual financial audit. They audit the University's financial statements and attest to the accuracy of representations made therein by issuing an opinion letter that is an integral part of the University's Annual Financial Report.

Other external auditors include Qatar government agencies and grantors who periodically come to perform special purpose audits.