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Last modified: May 26, 2015 09:48:35.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Associate Vice President for Administration (AVPA) homepage.

This resource aims to provide an insight into the principles which guide the actions of the administrative departments: they set out our goals, the many services we provide, and an outline of the organizational structure through which we deliver these services.

Through the past years, Qatar University has initiated the biggest transformation plan in its history to better serve the QU Community. The AVPA Office and its departments are among the largest service providers at Qatar University. Therefore, we have restructured to develop a truly customer-oriented culture which facilitates and enhances QU’s performance in all aspects. 

We see our duty as to build a service-driven environment to unlock the intellectual potential of our faculty, students and staff, through which QU will achieve its vision. Part of such duty is to provide similar resources for the QU external community, which consists of QU partners and suppliers, all of whom are important for our mutual success. 

As a QU community member, together we will build an environment of progress; an environment of creativeness and inspiration. I invite you to explore our website and share your thoughts as together we form the future of QU and Qatar.

Sara R. Al-Marri
Associate Vice President for Administration