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Last modified: January 13, 2016 11:55:24.

It is a great pleasure to lead two operational departments at QU and the newly restructured capital projects department.

Capital Projects, Campus Facilities and Information Technology.

As the QU students’ population was more than doubled in the last five years, the capital projects department ensures providing adequate facilities and space guided by the overall QU master plan project. Currently the department is leading the execution of more than ten capital projects in direct coordination with local authorities and organizations. The department ensures as well that all of our new buildings are complying with leading national standards for sustainability.

Campus facilities department on the other end is charged with all internal renovations, maintenance, MEP, Environmental Health & safety and Security,…etc.

The department is continually working towards providing pleasant, safe and secure educational environment on campus. With a very customer – focused objective for day to day operations. integrated facilities management following leading world – class organizations.


The information technology department is leading QU technological growth, and it is on honor that such department received very high rates of customer’s satisfaction rates over the last couple of years. The department coordinates with the QU’s academic sector to ensure that technology is serving the overall learning environment of QU, and leading a very challenging, expansion in QU IT infrastructure.

For recent executed projects of QU kindly follow the link:

QU Projects

Khalid K. Naji Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Facilities & Information Technology